A Elegant Timepiece Of Bulova Accutron Calibrator Replica

Bulova Mens Replica has introduced its new breakthrough timekeeper that was first presented this spring at the Baselworld 2012 fair. The most interesting thing about the new Bulova Accutron Calibrator Replica is that it has a proprietary External Fine Adjustment System (EFAS). This original feature allows the wearer of the replica watch to adjust the functioning of the replica watch’s automatic mechanical movement on his own, without the help of a professional. Each of Bulova Accutron Calibrator timepieces is equipped with a special key that is used to adjust the length of the hairspring, and thus adjust the pace of the movement in order to improve its accuracy.

In its heyday during the sixties, Bulova started producing revolutionary Accutron tuning-fork replica watches that were unprecedented for its accuracy when they emerged. However, the first electronic High Quality Swiss Fake Watch were relatively soon overran by the emergence of the quartz-based calibers that were a lot simpler and cheaper to make. In 1977, Bulova stopped producing timepieces with tuning-fork mechanisms and switched to the quartz ones, thus losing a great deal of its exclusivity. In a clear effort to associate its name with the horological advantages, Bulova Accutron has launched a new timekeeper named Calibrator. With its novelty External Fine Adjustment System, now every owner of the replica watch can tune his automatic replica watch and adjust its pace. For this purpose, the new timepiece has seven different hairspring length modes, each of them corresponding to the pace that is five seconds a day faster than the previous one. The different modes are activated by a special device that appears like a key which is inserted in the correct opening at the left side of the case, and turned to select a different pace of the caliber, as it is indicated on the retrograde sub-dial that sits at the nine o’clock position.

Currently, there are three variations of the Bulova Accuton’s technological break-through timekeeper. Each of them has the same basic features. The housing of Bulova Accuton Calibrator replica watch is circular in shape with the width of 43mm and the thickness of 12.5mm. At the front of the replica watch with the fixed bezel stands the flat anti-reflective crystal made of sapphire. At the other side, the new Bulova Accutron has an exhibition case back attached with four screws. The featured water resistance is 50 meters.

A look at the dial of the replica watch shows that the brand also tried to pair the technological advantages with a refine design. Bulova Accutron Calibrator timekeeper has a three dimensional dial with different patterns as decorations for the central part, the outer segment and the EFAS sub-dial. Besides, the replica watch sports nice looking Arabic numerals, skeleton hour and minute hands with luminous tips, a sweeping central second hand, and a scale on the outer part of the dial that is divided to increments corresponding to 1/5th of a second periods. Additionally, there is a date aperture at the traditional three o’clock position. This date display is the only additional feature of the replica watch with the external fine-tuning system. The replica watch is made with a self-winding mechanical movement which is, like all of the brand’s calibers, Swiss made. In the accordance with what is unfortunately the common practice of the manufacturer, it is virtually impossible to figure out the exact caliber type and its specifications.

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