A Luxurious Version Of Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue Replica

Lucerne-based Bucherer is one of the oldest names in replica watch retail. The shop's 130th birthday is fast approaching (2018), and to celebrate they've created a capsule collection of replica watches all focused around the color blue. The latest of the so-called Blue Editions is this partnership with Tudor Men's Replica, the Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue. And it's exactly what it sounds like.

Technically speaking, everything about this replica watch is identical to the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Replica Bronze that launched back in 2016. It's still a 43mm dive replica watch with a special bronze case that houses the Tudor MT5601, which is a chronometer-certified, in-house movement with a silicon balance spring. For more.

The differences are purely aesthetic, but they really do make a huge difference for this replica watch. Instead of the brown dial and brown aluminum disc set into the bronze bezel, we get both a blue dial and a blue disc here (just as you'd expect from the replica watch's name). The contrast with the bronze itself is much higher, and the replica watch really pops in the images we received. To complement the new color scheme, there's also a new blue and gold fabric strap with bronze hardware too. On the reverse, you'll find a special engraving commemorating Bucherer's 130th anniversary in 2018.

Here are a few more photos, showing off the details on the latest iteration of the Black Bay (for now).

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