A Review Of Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture Replica Watch

The Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture Replica represents the brand's recent efforts to develop high quality in-house movements with complications at a very reasonable price point. While haute horologerie is a bit of a stretch, this movement, along with the in-house perpetual calendar found in the Manufacture Perpetual Calendar, is an impressive achievement for the brand and its technical team.

The caliber FC-760 is a modular movement with a column wheel activated flyback chronograph complication. To reset and start a traditional chronograph, you have to first stop it with the top pusher and then reset it using the bottom pusher. The flyback functionality circumvents this and you can reset the hands to zero while it's still running. This is useful when you have to time successive intervals with minimal delay, like lap times on a race track for example. The other interesting feature of the flyback module, is the column wheel.

Generally considered to be superior to cam activation, a column wheel mechanism is also more expensive to manufacture, especially in this case as Frederique Constant Flyback Replica uses a patented star-shaped column wheel which it claims provides a smoother operating feel while using fewer parts. I reckon that the motivation behind simplifying the mechanism is not just for bragging rights, but to also increase the robustness of the movement and make it easier to service and maintain, something modular chronographs are not well known for.

Frederique Constant has also realized that good replica watchmaking is equal parts sound mechanics and refined design/finishing. The movement is well decorated with perlage, Geneva stripes, and heat-blued screws, which are not often seen at this price point. A rose-gold plated steel rotor tops off the entire movement, which is of course visible through a sapphire crystal case back. My only concern with the movement is its relatively low power reserve of 38 hours, but it's forgivable here considering the overall value.

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