Chopard Jacky Lckx Edition IV 24-hour Chronograph Replica

The steel Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition IV chronograph replica features world’s only 24-hour chronograph totalizer. If that technical feature doesn’t sound too cool for you, you still should prepare to be amazed by the overwhelming combination of shades of silver that form this elegantly sculpted, surprisingly modest beauty.

Thanks to Chopard men's replica unique design, the timepiece is easily recognized among the rest of the crowd that tend offer almost the same design throughout thousands of models equipped with the same movements.

The watch is named after renowned Belgian Formula One driver Jacques Bernard “Jacky” Ickx, who –among his other achievements– scored a grand total of six wins in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

So, if you are into beating Mr. Ickx’s success, the 24-hour chronograph counter may come in handy.

Like many recent offerings from major brands, the Swiss-made fake Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition IV features a flyback chronograph complication, which, in theory, makes it easier to time separate events. Well, we all know that an average owner will use this remarkable feature just one time: in a watch shop, just to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Its overall ergonomics, too, seems to be quite well-balanced. The setting crown is, for example, large enough to be easily manipulated even by those having rather plump fingers, and the chronograph push-pieces are long enough to be comfortably pressed when needed. The only thing that seems to be lacking is a pair of correctors on the left side of the body for fast setting of its big date indicator.

The only drawback of the watch is that it is, as far as I understand, powered by the mass-produced ETA 2892 with the Dubois-Depraz 44560 complication module sitting atop of it. Making the movement more complicated, DD also made it more prone to failures and less easy to repair when broken.

At just 42.5 millimeters in diameter, the watch is large enough to impress, but is still not too massive to be worn even with the most formal business suit. Well, the only problem here could be, perhaps, the chronograph’s impressive thickness: measuring more than 14 mm from top of its sapphire crystal to the bottom of its engraved solid steel case back, the gadget may require you to wear a shirt with more loose cuffs than usual.

Also, for a sporty timekeeper, its official water resistance rating of just 50 meters doesn’t look particularly striking.

Although its white-on-silver color scheme leaves much to be desired in terms of daylight time legibility, the Swiss brand promises that in poor lighting conditions its analogue display readout will be just perfect thanks to SuperLuminova-coated hands and hour markers.

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