Detailed Review With The Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Chronometre Men's Replica

At SIHH 2017, Parmigiani High-Quality Swiss Fake Watch released an interesting and subtle "new" replica watch with the Toric Chronometre. It is actually a modernized interpretation of the first replica watch that Michel Parmigiani designed in 1996. The 2017 Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Chronometre is a bit larger, but in many ways is said to be a very faithful manifestation of Mr. Parmigiani's original vision from the mid-1990s. Don't forget that the brand began as a function of Michel's vision, combined with the monetary support of his "patron," the Sandoz family.

Given the penchant for whimsy and flair that I've come to appreciate from Parmigiani Fleurier replica, the Toric Chronometre is a resolutely sober replica watch. It does very much feel like a product of the 1990s. By that, I mean a very sensible and to-the-point dial mixed with some light aesthetic flair, as well as the style of most of the work in the case. In many instances, this is a formula for a rather nice replica watch. These days, however, where "brand identification" is very important, this is not always what a consumer is looking for.

Brand identification, as I refer to it here, is the notion that you can recognize the company that made a product just by seeing the shape or design of that product. Many replica watchmakers either explicitly or implicitly ask themselves whether or not they can recognize their own products when seeing them on someone's wrist from across the room. If the answer is "yes," then a brand has achieved a high degree of brand identification, if the answer is no, then often times brands are left with products that do not have "brand" appeal. Though this is really a larger topic for another conversation.

With the distinctive look of most Parmigiani timepieces, I asked myself how much the 2017 Parmigiani Toric Chronometre looks like a Parmgiani of today. The case does, for sure, though it needs a close inspection to identify. The dial is a qualified "yes," since it uses brand elements such as fonts and other aesthetic touches, but is at the end of the day a rather straightforward time+date dial with Arabic hour numerals. That being said, the legibility is very good.

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