Limited Edition Watch Series:Oris Divers 65 Topper Replica

The Oris Divers 65 is easily one of the most successful replica watches of the last few years. With nearly every brand trying, Oris actually nailed the vintage throw-back High Quality Swiss Fake Watch, making it stand out from the crowd. Adored by collectors and well regarded by reviewers, it’s funky, drawing on a strange design from their archives that just shouts 60’s, but properly updated for modern times with a larger, but tempered 40mm case and incredible domed sapphire crystal. In the end it’s a great everyday sport Oris replica watch for those who want a little more personality on their wrist, or want something vintage without going vintage.

Naturally we reviewed it about a year ago, but today we get to take a look at a really cool new limited edition version of the Divers 65 made specifically for Topper Jewelers of California. Unlike many boutique editions one sees in the world of luxury replica watches, this one was not designed to flaunt the name Topper, in fact their name only appears once, and it’s on the case back. Rather, it was designed to further push the Divers 65’s vintage aesthetic and address some of the nit-picky details that only enthusiasts are concerned with.

As such, enthusiast were consulted. Rob Caplan of Topper Jewelers set out to create this LE with the help of some well noted collectors, namely Eric Singer the drummer from Kiss, and Michael Martin, a mod on International replica watch League. I spoke to both Rob and Eric on the phone about their goals with LE and the theme was clear; more vintage inspired details and no date. The former is spread through the replica watch, but the latter is a simple and obvious difference between the normal and Topper models.

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