Take A Look At The Peacock Feather Replica Watch

The peacock symbolises the colourful Indian culture and has influenced the fashion and beauty world extensively. To pay its tribute to India, Jaipur Replica Watch Company has introduced a special Peacock Feather Timepiece.

The Peacock Feather Replica watch is available at House of Heirloom in Delhi and Taj Hotels across the country. It is priced at INR 4 lakhs. This timepiece has taken over a fortnight of work by skilled craftsmen to create a completely handcrafted dial. The dial even has a diamond encrusted at the 6pm space and engraving on 3pm and 9pm side has been inspired by the famous Peacock Door at City Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Blending the majestic dancing bird’s essence with the Indian culture, this Replica watch is fit for the royals and elite. The Luxury Replica watch is crafted from 18K gold and has a real peacock feather embedded in its dial. Luxury Replica watchmaker, Jaipur Replica Watch Company has taken inspiration from the national bird of India and created an exquisite timepiece.

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